Day Eight Studios

Day Eight Studios is a faith based production company located in Jacksonville Florida, created by Indy film makers as a one stop shop for all your digital production needs. Whether it’s a music video, family photo shoot or even a full wedding photography and videography, Day Eight Films has you covered. We at Day Eight Studios can create something amazing and innovative for a cost that fits into any budget. We hold true to our values to remain honest to our customers while making your vision come true. We are a small company looking to do big things for our customers and community. Contact us today and find out how we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you. You can also visit our sister sites or

Scott Lowery - Owner

I have always loved being behind the camera. When I was young my parents had a hard time keeping a camera because I would always find it and try to make a movie or get a great photo. During college, I worked on a bunch of low budget independent film projects, I learned how to create everything from short films to music videos on a next to nothing budget. Shortly after this time, I had decided to use my talents and make a career with them until I started filming weddings and music videos. I love what I do and its a blessing to be able to use my passions to create some pretty amazing things.


Victoria Nelson - Photographer

Growing up I always remember my mom having a camera to her face every second making sure she captured every moment, big or small! She is still that way to this day! I come from a musical and artistic family so thankfully it runs in my veins. I love, love, love capturing gorgeous shots through my camera lens whether it be portraits or engagements! I always enjoy having beautiful memories captured for me, so I want to give that to others as well. I adore my family, my fiance, our pups and sparkly things. I love photography and I'm excited to give special memories to those around me through my lens.